Finish Off The Summer With A Trip – Board Pets Here!

August 5th, 2019 by

We’re all grasping at the last few weeks of summer before school starts back and the season fades to fall. Take advantage of the next few weeks and take your family on a trip to really soak it up. If the thing that has been holding you back from packing up the car and driving until you hit sand has been your four-legged best friend, we understand! Leaving your furry friend behind is never easy. However, if you board them at one of these places around Hugo, you can trust they’re in good hands. Keep reading to see why.

Pampered Paws

Pampered Paws Dog Hotel And Pet Sitting in nearby Dodd City, Texas, has so much to offer when it comes to boarding your pet. For only $25 per night, your little friends can be fully taken care of, and you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your vacation wherever that may be. To add an additional pet in the same area, the price will go up by $13, so you can make sure each and every one of your pets is happy and together.

Cats have a different price than dogs, at just $15 per night! The cats are all kept together, and they will even come to your house to check on your cat if that’s what makes them more comfortable. You’re guaranteed a personal experience catered to your specific animal at Pampered Paws.

Senior pets that require a little extra love and care cost $35, just to ensure they get everything they need. Choose Pampered Paws and see why customers have been using them for the five years they’ve been open!

Red River Pet Resort

Red River Pet Resort LLC has been taking care of pets in the Texoma area for years, and there’s a reason why over 1,100 people gave them a thumbs up on Facebook! Aside from offering daycare and grooming services, they’ll watch your pets overnight for $25 per night if they’re under 50 lbs, and for $30 if they’re over 50 lbs. You can also add another pet in the same pen for $20. If you want to give your pet the VIP treatment, upgrade them to the Luxury Suite for $45. They’ll also watch your cats for $22, or $24 if they provide the litter for you.

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Westwood Veterinary Hospital

If you’re willing to drive a little further, or your vacation drive takes you through Ardmore, it’ll be worth the drive to board your fur baby at Westwood Veterinary Hospital. There, they will accommodate you and your pets however needed ⁠— just let them know when you drop your pets off! They feed pets according to owner instructions, making sure that they feel right at home with their usual routine. The staff is professional, highly trained, and ready to love on your pets! For more info and prices, reach out to them through here.

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